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  • Added by: bing2012 @ 28 Mar 2012 14:17
    3D Advertising Technologies
    Print advertising is slowly being replaced by more dynamic approaches to marketing. Today, three dimensional (3D) imaging has become a trend in advertising through Web3D. It is a form of technology that enables 3D graphics to be displayed on a website. Three dimensional imaging works via stereoscopy, a technique used to create or enhance image depth by superimposing two slightly different versions of the same image. These two images, when combined in the brain, produce a third dimension perception known as 3D. Other techniques used in producing 3D are Lenticular and Parallax-barrier technology. Three dimensional or 3D advertising began when Web3D's second generation was launched in 2004. The second generation of Web3D uses Wildtangent and Viewpoint Mediaplayer as tools in creating TV and online advertisements. Some of the companies that first used 3D advertisement then were Nike, Coca-cola, Ford, and Toyota. TV advertisements were possible because 3D content could work with 3D-capable TVs. Advertisers can repurpose 3D TV content for Web3D easily because the content is already made specifically for 3D-capable devices. Some additional work is only needed to use the same content on the Web. Immense advances in technology have enabled people to enjoy 3D advertising imaging/3d advertising player. There are three leading technologies used in producing 3D, namely: WebGL, Silverlight, and Molehill. WebGL is a software library that uses HTML5 and is supported by recent ...

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